Domestic UPS ground shipping is included with your purchase and it is 1-5 day shipping time. If you would like insurance to completely cover your purchase for shipment please email for pricing. Adding this additional insurance is the only way to guarantee if something happens to your package during shipment that you can get reimbursement. I strongly suggest purchasing insurance to cover the entirety of your purchase.

International I am happy to ship internationally. You will find options at check out: USPS International Priority Mail/ Priority Express or UPS. USPS is estimated 6-10 day shipping time and includes $50 of insurance coverage. UPS can be anywhere from 1-5 days depending on your choice of shipment rate. If you would like to increase the amount of insurance to completely cover your purchase with USPS or purchase insurance with UPS, please email for pricing. Adding this additional insurance is the only way, if something happens to your package, that you can get reimbursement. I strongly suggest purchasing insurance to cover the entirety of your purchase.

*Shipping time is the time allotted by the shipping company and does not include handling time to prepare and package the product.

Things to Know

All sales are final. Please review all photos of a piece and entire descriptions before purchasing. If you have any questions about a piece that is not included in the description please contact me, I am happy to answer them!

If you are unsure about your ring size you can find ring sizers in the shop. I do not offer free resizing so please be sure of your size!

Refunds or exchanges will not be issued so please be sure to follow the above directions.

I can offer resizing for certain Silver pieces. Please contact me before purchasing about the options if you think you will need resizing. Depending on the design resizing may be impossible.
There will be a charge for resizing that will vary depending on the piece. Contact me at reveriefabrications@gmail.com for pricing.

Copper Rings cannot be resized.

Customers will be responsible for all shipping costs associated with resizing.

All pieces should be treated delicately. Treat each piece like a work of art. Remove jewelry before washing hands, showering, sleeping, and swimming as well as before strenuous activity. Doing these things will secure the longevity of your piece.

Some stones are more delicate than others. Following the above directions for care will protect them from most damage or change. Opals especially can change color over time due to exposure to elements and oils and are particularly soft. It is highly recommended that you look into proper care for your stones to insure the longevity of your piece. Reverie Fabrications has no control over natural life cycle of stones and so cannot accept responsibility for change of color or surface condition including chipping and scratching.

Patinas on pieces will change naturally over time due to oils from skin and natural elements in the air. If over time your patina changes and you would like to have it redone please email me for a quote. 

All copper pieces come with a clear coating for metals but it is not permanent. In time it will wear away (faster if worn often or exposed to water). Once the clear coating is gone copper can leave a color residue on your skin. If you would like more information on the clear coat for your own purposes please email me. Oxidizing is natural and will happen over time.

All animal components are humanely sourced. Bones and teeth can have a natural change in color over time.

I’m happy to do repairs on my own pieces. All repairs will be priced on an individual basis as each piece is one of a kind and labor for each repair will vary.
If a piece needs repair due to craftsmanship I am happy to repair free of cost. The cause of damage is to be determined by myself.

Each piece I make is tested in various ways to make sure it is sturdy and ready to be sent into the world however issues can arise so please contact me if there is one.

Payment Plans
I am happy to offer ShopPay Installments!

Wholesale & Consignment
If you are interested in a wholesale purchase or featuring my pieces on consignment please email reveriefabrications@gmail.com.
Wholesale is available for certain works while consignment is available for any.

Methods & Materials

The ‘skeleton’ of the piece is created and then painted with conductive copper paint where the creator wishes the metal to grow. It is then hung on metal bars into a copper sulfate bath with negative electrical current running through the bars. Another piece of copper is also placed in the bath and has positive current running through it. That positive current causes molecules to break off of that piece of copper. These molecules are then drawn by the electrical current to the in progress jewelry in the bath. The molecules will stick to the conductive paint and start to form a thin layer of copper. The copper grows thicker the longer the pieces are left in the bath. When the copper is grown to satisfaction they are removed from the bath.

Argentium Silver is a silver that has a higher content of fine silver than Sterling. While Sterling is .925, Argentium is .935 which gives Argentium a brighter white look. Sterling has an alloy of copper which causes it to tarnish easily. Argentium has an alloy of Germanium which means that Argentium is hypoallergenic for those with base metal allergies (cooper, brass, nickel) and is also tarnish resistant!